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  • Modern Parenting Guide

    Build confidence in modern parenting

    To help you gain confidence in raising your child, we’ve designed a series of modern parenting guides, full of handy tips and advice.

Listening to new parents

One thing all parents know is that nothing about parenting is exactly what you expected. So to better support and understand today’s new parents, we started at the beginning: we listened to parents from around the world.

A happy mother holding her young child as they both laugh together
A father cradling his child
Better understanding your challenges

At Nestlé we've been concentrating hard for 150 years to extend our scientific knowledge and make products to support the fantastic parenting that's been going on around the world. Now it's time for us to hear from you, the parents, about your experiences with the blips, the burps, the spills, the smiles and everything in between.

A father wearing his glasses and cap on a sunny day, minding his child in a pram
How to parent like a pro

Baby on the way / in your arms, and worried you don't have a clue? (No one does, shhh.) Check out our checklists to help you win in every aspect of modern parenting.

A couple supporting their child on the father’s chest, as both smile happily at their newborn
Do you struggle with the amount of decisions a new parent has to make?
yes %
no 100%
Let us count the ways! For going back to work, or not going back to work. For taking an hour to meet a friend for coffee, or not getting to see friends at all… It’s easy to feel like you can’t win. The good news is you’re not alone. Try to remind yourself you’re doing your best, which is all anybody can do. You may like to reach out to your healthcare professional if you have any questions or concerns.
We wouldn’t blame you if you said yes, but well done for staying confident during a time when it’s easy to feel the pressure to be perfect. If you did have any questions or concerns, seek advice from your healthcare professional.
Do you find it stressful when others offer advice on how to raise your child?
yes %
no 100%
It happens. Your closest family and friends may offer unsolicited advice from time to time. Just remember, at the end of the day people mean well and have good intentions. Take on board the advice that works best for you. We suggest getting in touch with your local healthcare professional if you have any questions or concerns.
That’s great! The village may have their opinions but you welcome all the help you can get. If you did have any questions or concerns you’d like to discuss please contact your healthcare professional for further advice
Were your expectations of becoming a parent similar to your reality?
yes %
no 100%
Whether it be from prior experience or help from a friend/family member, seems like you were well prepared. Well done! If you did have any questions or concerns, seek advice from your healthcare professional.
We may have a certain idea of what parenting will be like or the type of parent we will become, but often times the reality doesn’t quite match that expectation. It’s the same for many other parents! Take it one day at a time, you are learning as you go. A healthcare professional (such as your local GP) is an excellent resource, we recommend getting in touch if you have any questions or concerns.
All things considered; would you say your baby is an “easy baby”?
yes %
no 100%
Superb! It makes parenthood that little bit easier. If you did have any questions or concerns, seek advice from your healthcare professional.
We understand. They may wake often throughout the night or may be fussy during feeding time. Feel free to browse our website for help, click here for an array of articles and videos that may be able to assist. Remember to contact your preferred healthcare professional if further advice is required.
A father kissing his eldest child on the forehead whilst supporting his newborn in a cradle
There's no wrong answer
There's a word for that!
  • Parentnoia

    When you sit bolt upright in bed and wonder what you forgot to do for your little one yesterday.

  • Sleepcation

    When you’re dying to catch up on a good night’s sleep.

  • Parental Load

    When you’re so focused on feeding, changing and putting your baby to sleep that you forget to take care of your own needs.

  • Cry-telligence

    When you start to understand your baby’s different cries and their meanings.

  • Opinionaters

    When the village provides those unwanted tips on how to raise your baby.

  • Wonder Tears

    When your little one brings you so much joy that you burst into tears of happiness. For example, when they say "Mumma" or "Dadda“ for the first time.

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