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Baby and Toddler Recipes


There are three progressive stages to introducing solids to your baby: introduce purees, introduce lumps and finger foods. Below is a collection of our favourite recipes for your baby or toddler, no matter what stage they're in.

cauliflower cream

From 4 months

When your baby is ready to start taste testing foods, offer your baby their first solids after a breast feed when they are happy, alert and interested. This step usually begins with iron-enriched smooth infant cereals (mixed with pre-boiled water of breast milk), cooked and pureed meats and finely mashed fruit and vegetables. 

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Avocado Stewed Apple

From 6 months

Around 6-8 months, you can start experimenting with soft lumps and bumpy foods. The lumps help your baby to develop chewing skills and develop tongue strength which can assist with speech development. Once ready, your baby can progress to minced and chopped foods.

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Fish and Vegetable Mash

From 8 months

Around 8-10 months, increase the variety and texture of foods for your baby. Your baby can now try lumpy, textural foods promoting chewing and soft finger foods. Some ideas include soft fruits, pieces of steamed vegetables, boiled egg, cheese, soft meats and fish.

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Shepherds Pie

From 12 months

Your toddler can now eat and enjoy the same healthy meals and meal times as the rest of the family. Encourage your toddler to eat independently by offering easy to grasp finger food and bite-sized fruit and vegetables.

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